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What the Giants are saying about the Patriots

What the Giants are saying about the Patriots

On playing the Patriots…
nfllogo3“I think for our team playing against their team, a very, very good team, it’s exciting. Let’s face it, accomplished is the right word, but also remember, they are undefeated. In this day and age, being undefeated at this point of the season is quite an accomplishment in itself. We know the quality of the team. Excitement is a good word for us, energy in the room kind of thing, is a very positive thing for us. We simply have to take care of our process, our production, better than we’ve ever done it before. That’s really what the challenge is for our players, both in the classroom and on the field.”
– Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Patriots secondary…
“They’ve played good. They’ve done a good job in the secondary playing physical and trying to disrupt the timing of the offensive passing game. They’ve done a good job of getting a pass rush from their front four and so they’re bringing some linebackers, showing different looks, and so that always helps the secondary when they’re getting sacks and getting to the quarterback, making him throw before he wants to. It’s been a combination of just playing well all over defensively and making it tough for the opposing offenses.”
– Giants Quarterback Eli Manning

On the Patriots defense…
“I think they’re going to play Sunday just the way they play every Sunday; hard, fast, physical, and trying to win, obviously. Just the way that they play, the way they approach most games. I wouldn’t expect anything less than that.”
– Giants Running Back Shane Vereen


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