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Tom Brady press conference: Panthers

Tom Brady press conference: Panthers

tom_bradyQ: How long does it take your body to recover following a game at your age and at this stage late in your career?
TB: It probably depends on the game.
Q: How about this week?

TB: I’m feeling pretty good today. Honestly, I mean, I know you guys think I’m crazy when I say it, but probably when I was younger it was a lot harder for me. Now, I actually feel better faster just based on the things that I do. Today I feel good. I feel good.
Q: Is part of that related to learning over the years how to take the punishment?
TB: Yeah, I definitely think so. I think decision making is important for all players. I tell the receivers all of the time, ‘You catch the ball in traffic. You’re a 190-pound receiver. You’ve got 240-pound linebackers. To run and take that amount of force for one extra yard and then you miss three games – I don’t think that helps us much.’ It’s the same as a quarterback. You stand in the pocket. You do have to learn how to find the way down in a way that you’ll be able to get up and try to play the next play, especially with your right shoulder. I think for me more than anything I try to land more on my left shoulder than my right shoulder because you’ve only got one right shoulder and I need this for a lot of throws, and the more hits you take on it then the harder it is to take. I just do the best I can do. There’s some luck involved, but let’s go again, baby. Let’s line them up and play.
Q: What kind of a challenge does this Panthers defense present for you guys this week?
TB: Big. I mean, they’re the first ranked defense in the league, I think, in points or yards. I mean, everything. I feel like I say that every week. We’re playing some good defenses and these guys are incredible; the linebacking corps, the [defensive] line. They’ve got a lot of veterans, so they’re tough. They’re tough to move the ball on. They barely gave up any points the first couple of weeks. The Saints play them a bunch. I guess they’ve figured out a way to score some points, but it’s a tough matchup because I think they’re very talented. I mean, there’s no easy yards. They attack the football. The linebackers probably have more interceptions than any team in the league in the last five years or something like that. They just make it tough and they’ve got a lot of guys in pursuit or around the ball. It’s just a very good defense.
Q: What do you remember about your interaction with the referees following the conclusion of your game down in Carolina four years ago that ended with a controversial no-call in the end zone?
TB: I wasn’t very positive. I don’t think I said very nice things to him, so I’d like to apologize to him. But yeah, that was a little unfortunate. I wish we had gotten that call. That would’ve been a good call. That would have been a fun next play; I’ll tell you that. With one play left in the game, but oh well.
Q: Luke Kuechly said today on the conference call that he might have gotten away with pass interference back in that 2013 game on the last play.
TB: Oh man, let’s replay that one, too, and see what happens. I wish we could do that. Yeah, that was a tough game. I think that speaks a lot to their team, that particular game. It was a hard-nosed, hard-fought game. We had to earn every yard and it came down to the end. It comes down to a couple of plays just like last week. It’s football season. You never know which play it’s going to be. That last one we played against them came right down to the end, a lot of situational plays that they made, we didn’t make. You’ve got to expect those types of games every week. I mean, we’re playing against a really good team. I mean, Cam [Newton]’s one of the great players in the league and they’ve got a great defense. They run the ball. They’ve got some good receivers. It’s a tough matchup.

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