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To the delight of the Pinkhats, the Pats pandering by the local press begins this week

To the delight of the Pinkhats, the Pats pandering by the local press begins this week

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

Much like Sir Winston Churchill described in his speech at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri on March 5, 1946, an Iron Curtain will descend upon the Boston sports media this Thursday when the Patriots report for training camp in Foxboro.  Only those in the media who are willing to commit career suicide in the five and a half region of New England that demands total devotion to the hallowed Hooded One and his GOAT come the third week of July, will even consider making a passing remark about any of the other professional sports franchises that call the birthplace of the American Revolution home.

How dare either of the Patriots propaganda driven sports radio talk show stations waste even a 15-minute segment on the best team in baseball when the Pats backup quarterback Brian Hoyer went 9-12 on seven on seven drills against a bunch of guys who will be working for UPS come October?

Why spend even a fleeting moment talking about a Celtics team that could be on the verge of a decade of dominance in the NBA when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady didn’t share a man-hug after the team stretch on the first day of workouts?

God forbid that the MLB July 31st trade deadline get more than a five-second mention during the nondescript/poorly written sports “updates” that run every 20 minutes on both WEEI and The Sports Hub, even though it can be easily argued that the Red Sox have the best chance of any of the “big four” to win a title in the next calendar year.

And Hell would surely freeze over should any of the talking head nitwits consider pondering what an addition by trade the likes of Artemi Panarin would make on a reborn Bruins team which is seemingly only a move or two away from becoming a top Stanley Cup contending team for years to come.

The bottom line is, if you don’t pander to the Patriots as a New England media member/sports fan this week, you might as well be the equivalent of someone who would question even the smallest decision that our comb-over Commander-in-Chief makes on social media – a communist pariah who thinks that Brady actually had something to do with Deflategate.

In retrospect, I guess that is me.

I don’t begrudge longtime Pats their rightfully earned reason to puff out their chests over the past two decades of success of their beloved Patsies turned the most successful franchise that the salary cap era NFL will ever know.

If you suffered through the “Ben Drieth game” phantom roughing the passer call against Ray Hamilton on Ken Stabler in Oakland in the 1976 AFC Divisional playoffs, you deserve that and more.  If you saw your Super Bowl XX party end before the second quarter did in the 46-10 embarrassment against the Chicago Bears, I feel your pain.

And if it still goes up your backside sideways to recall Bill Parcells farewell press conference following a very winnable 35-21 loss in Super Bowl XXXI against the Brett Farve led Green Bay Packers when he famously said, “They want you to cook the dinner; at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries,” before he headed to the New York Jets, we should have a beer together sometime.

However, if you are among the majority of those who couldn’t spell pigskin if you were spotted the “pig” and the “skin” prior to the first sports “pink hats” were born in the early 2000’s, I have three words for you.

Kiss my ass.

Boston – and for the most part, rightly so – is often referred to as the best sports city in North America.  And God knows, we have been blessed with an inordinate amount of success since the improbable upset the 2001 Patriots upset the Greatest Show on Turf in New Orleans in February of ’02.

That being said, the overwhelming amount of honks that now call themselves “Patriots Nation” has become embarrassing.

There is no having a sports conversation with the Pats Pinkhats.  You either get an “In Bill We Trust” – BTW, how did that Malcolm Butler thing work out against the Eagles? – or you are branded a Jets fan just looking to stir the pot.

And if you ever should offer the opinion that Belichick the GM cost Belichick the head coach a chance at winning two or more titles, you might as well get ready to move to New Jersey and learn the J-E-T-S chant at your earliest convenience.

It is this bullheaded arrogance of a largely fraudulent fan base that is so delusional that makes a kid that grew up listening to the Steve Grogan led Pats home games on the radio because the NFL wouldn’t broadcast games on television that weren’t sold out, look towards the end of the fairytale that has been the last 18 years with a curiosity that is somewhat morbid.

I’d be willing to bet that the Pats Pinkhats that will be so fully consumed by reports from training camp later this week will be harder to find than a parking spot in South Boston after a NorEaster once their head coach is named McDaniels, and their quarterback is a guy with the skillset of a Hugh Millen or Tommy Hodson,

Feel free to disregard that last line, Pinkhats; the dated QB reference it is almost certainly beyond the history of your so-called fandom.

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