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Taylor Swift Drops Nostalgic Holiday Song About Her Childhood Home

Taylor Swift Drops Nostalgic Holiday Song About Her Childhood Home

“My winter nights are taken up by static, stress and holiday shopping traffic / But I close my eyes and I’m somewhere else – just like magic…”

With an opening reminiscent of the jazz-age crooners, present-day Taylor remembers that her past was simpler, and recalls the magic she felt around the holidays surrounded by her loved ones as a small child while growing up on a Christmas Tree Farm in Pennsylvania. Then the song opens up sonically with jingle bells and a happy beat, making the listener instantly think of their own childhood filled with wonder and joy during the holiday season. Her new song “Christmas Tree Farm” is all about nostalgia and childhood, and accompanied by a delightful music video consisting of exclusive home videos of very young Taylor, it has all the magic of the season tied up in a slick three-minute-and-forty-four-second package.

One of my favorite lines from this song would likely be “When the world isn’t fair / I pretend that we’re there.” This moment encapsulates that theme of remembering where you’ve come from and looking back fondly at memories of a simpler time. Thematically, I also loved “Sweet dreams / Of holly and ribbon / Mistakes are forgiven / And everything is icy and blue / And you would be there, too.” The rhyme schemes are relatively routine but the sensory imagery and overall warmth present in this song makes it charming on many different levels. Feeling that rich emotional connection to an east-coast Christmas season just adds to the magic of the music and the wonder that is the songwriting of Taylor Swift.

A very young Taylor is seen in the video receiving her very first guitar… and the rest is history!

Every song Taylor releases is always chock-full of her life, and this song is a prime example of the truth that she doesn’t *just* write about boyfriends. This, as well as other gems like “The Best Day” (written about her mom, Andrea Swift, for Mother’s Day) show that she fully acknowledges that her past made her what she is today, and that she owes her stellar successes (like being named Artist of the Decade) to those experiences.

Listen to “Christmas Tree Farm” on all streaming platforms now, and watch the music video full of Taylor’s memories. After all, home is wherever your family is, and Swifties everywhere will surely appreciate the chance to have such a special snapshot of their role model and inspiration during her early years.

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