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Matt Patricia press conference

PATRIOTS DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR MATT PATRICIA nfllogo3Q: Other than work ethic, what has stood out to you about your defense so far? MP: Well, I don't think you ever want to overlook what you just said. I think the work ethic of these guys was really on display last night. I can't give enough credit to these guys and...
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Belichick press conference: Colts

[caption id="attachment_25278" align="alignleft" width="300"]We're on to Indy ! We're on to Indy ![/caption] Q: Are you feeling any better? BB: Oh yeah, I'm good to go - feel great. Q: You guys claimed Rashaan Melvin earlier this week. What made you guys interested in him? BB: We were on him all the way back to college at Northern Illinois. I...
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Bill Belichick Monday conference call: Colts

patriots logoQ: What did you see on Julian Edelman's touchdown catch in the fourth quarter? It looked like Danny Amendola ran a crossing route to help him free him up. BB: Right, well we were running a crossing route in there. There was some traffic. I think Danny did a good job to try to give [Morris]...
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BOSTON BRUINS PRESS CONFERENCE BOSTON BRUINS CEO CHARLIE JACOBS PRESS CONFERENCE, BOSTON BRUINS PRESIDENT CAM NEELY, BOSTON BRUINS GENERAL MANAGER DON SWEENEY AND BOSTON BRUINS CEO CHARLIE JACOBS PRESS CONFERENCE Opening statements… Charlie Jacobs: Good afternoon, everybody. Today is a great day, today is really I think a new era for Boston Bruins hockey. I hope our fan base out there, our season ticket holders, everyone in Bruins...
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