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To the delight of the Pinkhats, the Pats pandering by the local press begins this week

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Much like Sir Winston Churchill described in his speech at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri on March 5, 1946, an Iron Curtain will descend upon the Boston sports media this Thursday when the Patriots report for training camp in Foxboro.  Only those in the media who are willing to commit career suicide in the five and a half region...
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The Red Sox would be proud of the way WEEI had Alex Reimer issue his apology !

By KEVIN HARRIMAN BSD PUBLISHER Give credit, they have learned from the best...your Boston Red Sox. On this past Friday at 4:57 pm, EEI had Alex Reimer issue his much awaited apology for calling Tom Brady’s daughter Vivian a “piss-ant”. I’m just surprised it wasn’t at 5:47 on Friday nite before the weekend. Over the years,...
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Petulant Price looks even worse after WEEI’s podcast with Eckersley

By Kevin Flanagan  BSD Senior Staff Writer  If you haven’t listened to WEEI’s Rob Bradford’s podcast with NESN’s Dennis Eckersley yet, you are missing the newest fad in sports media gold. Speaking publicly for the first time since he was accosted by David Price on the Red Sox charter to Toronto in late June, Eck’s comments on the Bradfo Sho, makes the Sox pitcher look even...
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EEI’s Rob Bradford knocks it out of the park on David Price

Bradford: David Price, your plan didn't work STORY RE-PRINTED FROM ROB BRADFORD JULY 25, 2017 - 11:48 PM iywtsdlonvihnmhkste7I agree, it would have been nice if we knew who applauded on that plane, and for those who did, if they felt bad about it. But we don't definitively know who clapped, and if all who did fully understood the...
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