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Claude Julien..”we have to really get better with our game without the puck”

HEAD COACH CLAUDE JULIEN PREGAME PRESS CONFERENCE [caption id="attachment_26444" align="alignleft" width="300"]Julien and his Bruins team do not have much room for further mistakes Julien and his Bruins team do not have much room for further mistakes[/caption] On what the keys to playing a full 60-minute game are… Well again I think a lot of it is…this stuff is due to...
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Matt Patricia press conference

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR MATT PATRICIA patriots logo 1Q: Against Tampa Bay, Washington came out with some unique groupings of three and four wide receivers. Is that something you've seen before and could you talk a bit about what you've seen from Kirk Cousins? MP: Sure, well I mean I think Washington with the sets that you're talking about, that...
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Julien pre game press conference: Winnipeg

JULIEN PREGAME PRESS CONFERENCE Claude Detroit Game 1On how he feels about opening night tonight… Oh, I think everybody’s excited. You know when you go through training camp and you play those preseason games and then finally at the end of I guess preseason you see you’re still here and you have an opportunity to play for this...
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