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Gronk carries the load in the 4th quarter for Pats

How fun was that one? It was fun. Coming to Pitt., it's always a football atmosphere. I went to high school here for my senior year, and I remember they are all about the Steelers. They are Steeler-crazy. They are football-crazy around here, which is great. Coming into the stadium here, we knew that it was going...
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Brissette on playing the entire game – “It makes you feel like a kid again”

JACOBY BRISSETT, QUARTERBACK Q: How did it feel tonight to go wire-to-wire? What is your assessment of the way the game went? JB: That was fun. It makes you feel like a kid again. It’s hard to explain the words. You know, you wish the results were different, but that was fun. That was a lot of fun. Q: You’re in an interesting spot with two quarterbacks in...
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Q: When you threw the pick at the end, did you think it was over? Did you have any idea you’d get the ball back again? TB: Well, we talked about that before the drive. We said even if we miss the fourth down play, we could still get the ball back at some point and go down and score. Our defense made a great stop....
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