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Sunday’s Pats/Broncos showdown is more than just a game

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent download (7)Now that we have suffered through a week of talking heads hyping Sunday’s Patriots game against the hated – in Patriots Nation at least – Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos in Foxboro, it is only a matter of hours before we may finally see whose approach to team building is most effective...
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Lady luck and lack of depth put Pats in a bad spot

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent download (41)In sports at times it is often said that it’s better to be lucky than to be good.  Since lady luck seems to have turned a blind eye to the Patriots and the injury bug has bit for the second year in a row on the defensive side of the ball, it...
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Patriots officially paying the price for Belichick’s “value system”

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent images (19)Its official, the pinchpenny Patriots emperor has new clothes. The once renowned “Patriots Way” has now been exposed for what it really is, a narcissistic notion that just because the Pats brain trust – or more accurately Bill Belichick himself  – said something had “value”, it actually did. Look, anyone with any practical experience...
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Penny pinching Pats will pay in the end again

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent images (52)Contrary to what you may have heard on sports talk radio by some callers or the talking heads themselves, the sky is not falling in Foxboro today.  Despite the defense falling apart in the second half and the offensive line letting Tom Brady get hit more times than a prize fighter in...
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