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Staff defections point to Pats era ending?

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent images   In his first public comments since leaving the New England Patriots last month, Pepper Johnson – whose affiliation with Bill Belichick dates back to his days as a player for the New York Giants in the 1980’s – said on Tuesday that he left the Pats coaching staff to “get up from under...
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Q: It’s been a very difficult year for you guys. How tough has it been to go through what you’ve gone through this season? JW: Yeah. I mean, obviously [we] came into the year with very high expectations. [We’ve] been on obviously an extremely rough stretch here. It’s been tough, to say the least. Read more


patriots-classic-mark-cl BB: Alright, how'd it go yesterday? Good? Good on this end too. Alright, well, closing up shop here on the Texans. As I've been saying all week, this is a good football team. I think they're obviously a lot better than what their record says. You watch them play; they...
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