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Belichick press conference following win over Titans

BILL BELICHICK Belichick pictureBB: Well again, always good to win. Twelve wins, that's on the right track here. We did some good things today. We got contributions from all three units - a couple of big plays in the kicking game, couple big plays on defense, turnovers obviously and a score on defense, and made...
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Brady talks Dolphins !

PATRIOTS QUARTERBACK TOM BRADY PRESS CONFERENCE patriots logoQ: What was it like when you were just learning in your first couple of years in the league? TB: You're always learning at this position. I don't think you ever really can learn too much. It takes a long time to grasp it kind of mentally and physically and all...
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Belichick talks Dolphins

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle SeahawksQ: What have you seen from Ndamukong Suh this season? He had a breakout game against Houston yesterday. BB: He’s played well. They had a hard time blocking him. They had a hard time blocking all those guys. [Cameron] Wake had a big day. Suh had a big...
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Patriots notebook: Cowboys

                                                  TEAM NOTES patriots logoHIGHEST WINNING PERCENTAGE IN MAJOR SPORTS SINCE 1994 With the win over Dallas, the Patriots now have the highest regular-season winning percentage in major American professional sports since 1994 when...
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