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It seems humble pie isn’t easy for Pats fans/media to swallow as a 20-year run comes to a seemingly screeching halt

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

Hell hath no fury like a Patriots fan/media member scorned.

There is no arguing that Bill Belichick’s team laid an egg big enough to make an omelet to feed the entire region of New England and then some on Sunday in their 27-24 loss to the lowly Miami...

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Sixth Super Bowl victory should be Tom Brady’s swan song, but it won’t be

 By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Winning a sixth Super Bowl in your ninth appearance over 18 years at the age of 41 would be a storybook ending for almost anybody who has ever dreamed about playing quarterback in the National Football League growing up. Most mere mortals would look at this most historic run – and one that will never be even close to being approached...
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No one not from New England might like it, but the people who set the lines have the Pats favored yet again

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer With the big game looming in less than a week – don’t you dare call it the Super Bowl without expressed written consent or the NFL will send the same folks who would arrest you for removing the tag from your mattress back in the day to lock you up for doing so – there are seemingly endless ways you...
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Pats unprecedented two decade long party is coming to precipitous end

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Once again the Patriots are one game away from playing in the AFC Championship game.  If they somehow find a way to beat the transplanted Los Angeles Chargers, who are 7-1 on the road and the better team by a fairly significant margin on paper, it would increase their record of consecutive appearances in the second biggest game of the...
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