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With no scandal to address, Belichick talks football and the Bills

[caption id="attachment_25278" align="alignleft" width="300"]Bill Belichick...."We're on to Buffalo" Bill Belichick...."We're on to Buffalo"[/caption] When last we saw Bill Belichick, he was quietly, but  succinctly ripping apart the Patriots haters around the country. The NFL, ESPN and Sports Illustrated got the brunt of Bill’s tyraid. Others also earned honorable mention. But now It’s been 48 hours following The Hoodie’s...
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NFL and its’ minions playing right into the hands of the Patriots

By Kevin Harriman BSD Publisher imageIf the NFL thinks that tweaking the Patriots is going to cause distractions and problems for Robert Kraft’s team, they don’t have a clue about the makeup of this organization. The league has spent more time rallying its’ minions (ESPN, Troy Vincent, Jeffrey Pash) than they have focussing on the actual game itself. In...
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I think Goodell has a headache !

NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell did not have a great day. No one would blame him if he complained of a headache and not one derived from Gronk spiking his head. Judge Brennan came down hard on the NFL and its attorneys on Wednesday during a hearing in New York. Thad following material was taken from's Jerry Spar. After meeting individually with Roger Goodell and the NFL’s lawyers,...
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