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BOSTON BRUINS HEAD COACH CLAUDE JULIEN PREGAME PRESS CONFERENCE   On where Loui Eriksson was for pregame skate… Loui [Eriksson] was in the back room. He’s got a minor issue that we’ll keep him out tonight, but he’ll be back Thursday. On clarity on Adam McQuaid… No, no. Probably by the end of the week, I guess, we’ll get more clarity on that. On involved he is in any potential trade...
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Belichick is pursuing the wrong Lombardi

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent images   So what do you do if you are a team that has lost the last two years in the AFC Championship game and you are looking to add some help to your front office staff?  Why, you reach in the recycle bin and grab the guy who was just fired by not only...
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Sochi should mark the end of the NHL in the Olympics

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent hi-res-f1ba51f262e173a034bb50ceeaff628d_crop_north- It is just plain silly when you stop and think about it.  Just when your league is set to take center stage - or as close as the NHL could come to hoping to be on the center stage - in the universe of professional sports in North America, you shut it down...
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JASON SPEZZA..”It’s a big letdown to have a game like this after going so we..”

OTTAWA SENATORS FORWARD JASON SPEZZA On it not being the kind of game he envisioned… Yeah it’s obviously an embarrassing game and not the way we wanted to go into the break. Hopefully we can draw from the next time we play these guys. On the character comebacks the team has stage, and this game leaving a lot to be desired… Yeah we really were on a very good...
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