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Belichick impressed with Bortles and Jags

Similarities and differences between Blake Bortles and Ben Roethlisberger? BB: I think Bortles looks pretty fast, kind of like [Tyrod] Taylor. He’s got a couple 30-yard gains and that kind of thing. He’s pretty dangerous to just take off and run and can get a lot of yardage. His athleticism can buy time in the pocket. He’s a good passer. But I’d say he’s probably a...
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Pats/Revis relationship was always a marriage of convenience

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent Darrelle Revis, Golden TateIn retrospect, the year that Darrelle Revis spent with the Patriots feels a little dirty, does it not?  Let’s face it, this relationship was never based on love.  Simply put, it was two parties that desperately wanted two different things, and used each other to get what they wanted. For his...
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(on how game prep went for both coaches) Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll: “We’ve had a great two weeks. It’s been nothing but fun. The opportunity that presents itself playing in this game is so special and so unique. Everybody is tuned in and we’re grateful for being here. Thrilled to have the matchup that we have with a great organization in Bill (Belichick) and New...
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Patriots fans know there is a legacy on the line Sunday night

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent tempAP616020861737--nfl_mezz_1280_1024After nearly two weeks of batting back accusations of under-inflated footballs playing a part in determining the legacy of the team they love, members of Patriots Nation – whether they are willing to admit it or not – have to know in their heart of hearts that Sunday’s Super Bowl is so much...
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