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Brady tosses TD’s 400 and 401 in romp over Jags

Brady-BillTOM BRADY, QUARTERBACK Q: How does it feel to be a member of the 400 club? TB: It was a good day, so it's fun to be out there. I think everyone enjoyed it. It was a good performance by our offense, a good team win. It was a good week of practice. A lot of guys made...
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Belichick impressed with Bortles and Jags

Similarities and differences between Blake Bortles and Ben Roethlisberger? BB: I think Bortles looks pretty fast, kind of like [Tyrod] Taylor. He’s got a couple 30-yard gains and that kind of thing. He’s pretty dangerous to just take off and run and can get a lot of yardage. His athleticism can buy time in the pocket. He’s a good passer. But I’d say he’s probably a...
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