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Patrick Chung happy to get a week to rest

patriots logo 3Q: Are you a big fan of The Rock? PC: Kind of. [He’s a] very talented guy. Q: What have you seen from Travis Kelce and does practicing against Rob Gronkowski help you prepare at all? PC: Yeah, Kelce’s good. Kelce’s good. He’s explosive, good hands, good run-after-the-catch. [That’s] key with him. He’s good. He...
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Brady talks Dolphins !

PATRIOTS QUARTERBACK TOM BRADY PRESS CONFERENCE patriots logoQ: What was it like when you were just learning in your first couple of years in the league? TB: You're always learning at this position. I don't think you ever really can learn too much. It takes a long time to grasp it kind of mentally and physically and all...
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(On how much he looks at the first matchup between the two teams for this upcoming game and if this is a completely new chapter) – "We've obviously taken a look at the first game, most of the things that we did well and things we didn't do well. We looked at them and what they did well and didn't do well. So it's obviously...
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Q: What are your thoughts on the way Marcus Cannon has played this year and the role he has served – first few games at left guard and now playing third tackle? BB: Last year he had an opportunity to play a lot. I thought he played well. This year he gives us a lot of depth at a key position. It’s always good to have...
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