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Brady takes the high road on Rex Ryan and officials

TOM BRADY, QUARTERBACK [caption id="attachment_15295" align="alignleft" width="300"]Brady is on to Denver ! Brady is on to Denver ![/caption] Q: Can you explain the use of the audible, "Rex Ryan"? TB: Yeah, we have a lot of things that are kind of in the playbook, so that's one of them. Q: Was it meant to distract them or to send a message? TB:...
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Belichick is on to the J E T S

PATRIOTS HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK PRESS CONFERENCE New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Press ConferenceBB: Alright, well obviously the [New York] Jets are doing a lot of things well. It's a good football team – they're big, they're physical, they're playing very good football. Turnovers have been a big part of their success. They've done a...
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Brady offers little info on Lafell

QUARTERBACK TOM BRADY PRESS CONFERENCE patriots logo         Q: Is it good to have a guy like Brandon LaFell back and do you anticipate having him back sooner rather than later? TB: I think those are for Coach [Bill Belichick] to decide. You know, he's definitely working hard, so it's a great thing. He's been a great contributor to our...
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From the Buffalo Bills locker room

On playing the Patriots... "I relish any challenge and this is a big challenge. So as a competitor I'm excited about this game, this will be great. It is a personal challenge. I want to go against the very best. I'd rather have a win against and compete against a first ballot Hall of Fame coach like Bill Belichick than a slappy coach. I mean I'll...
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