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From the Redskins locker room

nfllogo3On the Patriots defense... "I think it starts with the fact that they’re really well-coached. You can tell that they’re disciplined, they’re smart. A big part of playing at this level is intelligence and experience, knowing what to do and playing fast. I see their ability to do that. That goes a long ways. I think they...
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Belichick talks Dolphins

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle SeahawksQ: What have you seen from Ndamukong Suh this season? He had a breakout game against Houston yesterday. BB: He’s played well. They had a hard time blocking him. They had a hard time blocking all those guys. [Cameron] Wake had a big day. Suh had a big...
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Revis comments on Brady’s 4th quarter performance..”He suckered in the defense, that’s what he did down the stretch.”

DARRELLE REVIS, DEFENSIVE BACK Darrelle-Revis-Signs-With-Jets(On why the Jets weren't able to hold Tom Brady in check in the fourth quarter) "We tried to switch things up on Tom [Brady] and show him different looks, but Tom is great. He suckered in the defense, that's what he did down the stretch." (On if the team could build on the first-half...
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