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Ryn Weaver is no fool when it comes to performing

By Emily Broe BSD Concert Reporter Ryn Weaver, along with ASTR and HOLYCHILD, graced the Paradise Rock Club in Boston last night for one amazing performance. The Misfit Toys Tour, named after the Island of Misfit Toys in Rudolph, was a perfect fit in my Tuesday night. [caption id="attachment_26462" align="alignleft" width="300"]Run Weaver performed in Boston Run Weaver performed in Boston[/caption] I...
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Claude Julien pre-game press conference

BOSTON BRUINS HEAD COACH CLAUDE JULIEN On if he will use David Krejci more on the penalty kill this season because he lost a couple good penalty killers… Well, we might, you know. It depends on how our whole lineup unfolds at the end. But we know he can kill penalties and we’ve always used him when, you know, it was deemed necessary. Like the past years...
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BOSTON BRUINS HEAD COACH CLAUDE JULIEN PREGAME PRESS CONFERENCE On being happy for Tyler Seguin’s success… I’ve actually moved on from that. I’ve told him that before. Nobodies wishing anybody bad things. He’s a great person and he’s a good hockey player so there’s no issues we’ve just moved on. As long as he doesn’t do well against us I’m ok. On Niklas Svedberg accomplishing what you wanted...
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Q: Why did you decide staying out west was the best thing to do for the team? BB: Well, first of all, INew York Jets v New England Patriots'm sorry that you're not out here with us. It's kind of a two-combination thing there. One was the travel, going from Green Bay back to Foxborough and then...
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