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Patriots make more roster moves

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - The New England Patriots announced today that they have placed DL Dominque Easley on injured reserve. In addition, the Patriots signed RB Montee Ball and WR DeAndre Carter to the practice squad and released WR Austin Hill and DL Kelcy Quarles from the practice squad. Easley, 23, was suffered a thigh injury in the second half of the Houston game last Sunday. Easley has...
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With no scandal to address, Belichick talks football and the Bills

[caption id="attachment_25278" align="alignleft" width="300"]Bill Belichick...."We're on to Buffalo" Bill Belichick...."We're on to Buffalo"[/caption] When last we saw Bill Belichick, he was quietly, but  succinctly ripping apart the Patriots haters around the country. The NFL, ESPN and Sports Illustrated got the brunt of Bill’s tyraid. Others also earned honorable mention. But now It’s been 48 hours following The Hoodie’s...
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BB: I want to take this opportunity to share some information. I spent a significant amount of time this past week learning as much as I could learn, more than I could ever imagine to tell you the truth, about bladders, air gauges, stitching, pressure, game day football preparation, rubdowns and so forth. [I'm] trying to be as helpful as I can here and share...
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PATRIOTS OL DAN CONNOLLY PRESS CONFERENCE Q: What did you have for breakfast? DC: Some eggs and some sausage. It was good. Q: What's your reaction to everything that happened yesterday with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick up here answering questions? DC: I think they did a good job of handling it and I think everything that needs to be talked about on that subject has been discussed. I'd...
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