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Belichick talks Pats and Bills

rt_super_bowl_fans_11_js_150201Friday has always been a big situational day for you and the team. How important are Fridays and Saturdays for you to stress end-of-game situations? BB: Not just at the end of games, all through the games. Yeah, absolutely, we kind of start with a basic progression, early downs, first and second downs, build into third-downs, red...
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BB: Ok, well it was good to compete against Carolina. I thought that was a real good football team that we played last night. They’ve got a lot of experience and confidence and a lot of good football players. They’re a big, physical team. We certainly had a difficult time with our running game against them. I thought the physicality of receivers like Benjamin and...
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Q: What does this win say about the mental toughness of this team? JE: Coach preaches to be a tough, smart football team and we weren’t playing like that in the first half. We went in there and basically said let's just start over and play each play and play for the next play and not try to win it all in one play. We...
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