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Devin McCourty conference call: Broncos

DEFENSIVE BACK DEVIN MCCOURTY [caption id="attachment_25544" align="alignleft" width="300"]Devin McCourty media press conference Devin McCourty media press conference[/caption] Q: Devin, you've gone against Peyton Manning a lot. What do you see from him now that is different from the past or is he different from the past? DM: No, I mean it's much of the same. We know what...
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Matt Patricia media press conference

patriots logo 2Q: How much does the Texans offense look like the Patriots offense? MP: Absolutely, you can see a lot of elements of things that we've seen from Coach [Bill] O'Brien and George Godsey, who's running the offense down there – things we've practiced against in the past – but certainly this offense is kind of...
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Q: Joe Flacco has this ‘Joe-Cool' perception, how much different is he under pressure? CJ: Joe Flacco is a great quarterback. A lot of people underestimate his speed; he can run the ball and he can throw the ball as well. It's my job as a pass rusher to try to contain him. Q: Do you notice anything different in the playoffs in his game on the...
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PATRIOTS HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK PRESS CONFpatriots logoERENCE Q: When you're preparing for the weather, is the mental side of it more emphasized or the physical parts? BB: What mental side of it? I don't know. We're practicing in it. Whatever we practice in, I'm sure at some point we'll play in it. We've practiced in everything this...
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