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Pugnacious Pats show resiliency against the Ravens

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent tempAP247337249470--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Had it all the way, right Patriots fans?  Entering yesterday afternoon’s Divisional playoff game against the Ravens, Patriots Nation was pretty much universally convinced that their team would dismiss the dirty birds from Baltimore without much trouble.  While the front seven of the Ravens defense was formidable, their secondary sucked and their offense...
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Mea Culpa, Patriots Nation

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent images (20)Patriots Nation, I apologize.  I was wrong, dead wrong. Given the first opportunity this year to settle in and watch the early set of games without the home team in the fight for this season, I have got to say that I have come to the quick conclusion that no one in this...
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Patriots Prove Parity Exists In Miami

  By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent Parity sucks.brady Just when I was about to quote the immortal Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli and admit I was wrr, wrrr, wrrrr....well, let's just say I was not exactly right ( about this Patriots team, this happens. For the Pats and their fans, who earlier this week were the beneficiary of an unlikely win by...
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