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Josh McDaniels media press conference

OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR JOSH MCDANIELS CONFERENCE CALL patriots logoQ: What do you think Tom Brady meant yesterday when he said on the radio that the offense was struggling to find their rhythm? JM: I think there are a lot of things that go into finding a rhythm in any phase of the game, but offensively, our overall level of...
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Josh McDaniel conference call: Eagles

PATRIOTS OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR JOSH MCDANIELS [caption id="attachment_16383" align="alignleft" width="225"]Patriots are on to Philly Patriots are on to Philly[/caption] Q: Why do you think the Patriots struggled on third down on Sunday? What do you think of Scott Chandler right now? Will his role change? How? JM: The third downs, first of all, credit Denver. They're a very good defense on...
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No big surprise, McDaniels a big fan of Gronk and his work ethic

PATRIOTS OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR JOSH MCDANIELS patriots logo 1Q: How does Rob Gronkowski's endurance play a factor in his overall game and does that play a part in him being able to make defenders miss down the field? JM: First of all, Rob trains very hard. He's in good condition and he works extremely hard each week to...
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Josh McDaniels Conference call: Jets

PATRIOTS OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR JOSH MCDANIELS CONFERENCE CALL patriots logo 1Q: Do you think about positioning Rob Gronkowski in different ways so it becomes harder to defend him? JM: I think you always try to put the offense in the best position to make good plays, which usually requires us to move multiple people around and give them an...
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