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Local Musician Nolan Driscoll Premieres New EP Bubble Life

The first element listeners might notice about this creative collection of songs is the unique and imaginative cover art - but that's only a mere hint of what audible intrigue is to come. Filled with equal parts emotional depth softened by pop culture references ranging from Seinfeld to South Park, Bubble Life is a sonic journey. Each of the five songs on the...

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Logan Ryan anxious to get going “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Logan Ryan interview Q: Are you as tired as we are? LR: This is the earliest media I've probably ever had to do. Let's knock it out. Let's all get through it. Q: What time did you wake up today? LR: I was up at 6:00. Well, with the baby I was up a lot, but up for good probably at 6:30 a.m. [caption id="attachment_27509" align="alignright" width="300"] Read more

Brady talks Colts and extra motivation

PATRIOTS QUARTERBACK TOM BRADY PRESS CONFERENCE Brady's TD Pass streak ends at 52Q: Is there any extra motivation this week? TB: I'm always pretty motivated. It'll be an exciting game. I know they've got a good team. They've won three straight. They made some changes this offseason, so they're a very confident team. So it's going to take...
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JOSH McDANIELS ON THE SEATTLE DEFENSE..”This is as good of a group as we’ve played all year in a lot of areas.”

OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR JOSH MCDANIELS (on quarterback Tom Brady's relationship with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo) "Big brother. Jimmy came in and really didn't have-like most rookies-no background and understanding of how the NFL works. Here's a guy (Brady) that is when you look at it, he's competing with him. Tom and Jimmy are competing together for the same role on our team. Jimmy's had a great attitude and tried...
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