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Brad Stevens pre-game – Cavs Gm-1

Brad Stevens Boston Celtics Pregame Q. Brad, have you decided on your starting lineup yet, and can you tell us what's going on? BRAD STEVENS: Yeah, we're going to start the same group except [Marcus] Morris instead of [Aron] Baynes. Q. Al Horford's post steps have been a bigger and better part of your offense in this Playoffs compared to...
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Marcus Morris updates the media on his condition following his fall during the Knicks game

Marcus Morris How are you feeling? “Sore, very sore. I’m going to go home and ice and see how I feel tomorrow.” Do you anticipate this will keep you out thru this weekend? “I’m not sure. I’m thinking I’m just going to see how it goes. It might be 48 hours. It might go away tomorrow, it might linger,...
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