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Pugnacious Pats show resiliency against the Ravens

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent tempAP247337249470--nfl_mezz_1280_1024Had it all the way, right Patriots fans?  Entering yesterday afternoon’s Divisional playoff game against the Ravens, Patriots Nation was pretty much universally convinced that their team would dismiss the dirty birds from Baltimore without much trouble.  While the front seven of the Ravens defense was formidable, their secondary sucked and their offense...
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Bills biggest game in 15 years should be a business trip to Buffalo for the Pats

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent Will the real New England Patriots please stand up?images (70) In this topsy-turvy season that sees the AFC East seemingly up for grabs, the Pats head to Buffalo to face the Bills with first place in the division up for grabs. No, that’s not a typo and there is nothing wrong with your internet feed. ...
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There’s no getting around it, bouncing Boychuk bad for B’s

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Bruins Correspondent images (68)Anybody know exactly when Bill Belichick took over as the general manager of the Boston Bruins? Trading Johnny Boychuk just days before the regular season starts makes about as much sense as the Patriots trading Logan Mankins a week prior to the start of the NFL season. None. Correct me if I am wrong,...
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Patriots officially paying the price for Belichick’s “value system”

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent images (19)Its official, the pinchpenny Patriots emperor has new clothes. The once renowned “Patriots Way” has now been exposed for what it really is, a narcissistic notion that just because the Pats brain trust – or more accurately Bill Belichick himself  – said something had “value”, it actually did. Look, anyone with any practical experience...
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