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Matthew Slater meets with the media

[caption id="attachment_16383" align="alignright" width="225"]Slater looking forward to playing the Chiefs Slater looking forward to playing the Chiefs[/caption] Q: How happy are you that this week is finally here and you finally have an opponent to prepare for? MS: I think our team considers itself very fortunate to be in this position here. There are only eight teams...
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Secret Someones starts the show

Secret Someones was the first opener for Ingrid Michaelson Saturday night at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. The three girls and one male drummer adorned a funky, edge wardrobe that matched their musical spunk. When a mostly girl band rocks hard with electrical guitar solos, I cannot help but...
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BB: Sorry, running a little late this morning. Alright, how are we doing? Q: You’ve pointed out the statistic of how fast they’ve started games at Lambeau Field. BB: Yeah, it’s at a historical level. Q: I’m curious if with that, does it at all alter your thinking – should you win the toss or is that not the mindset you would take, almost playing into that? Because...
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