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An upset tonight at Met Life Stadium ?

By Jordan Moore

With a very different matchup against a before-seen Jets team, the Patriots may have an upset looming at Met Life Stadium tonight
A 30-14 week 3 win over the New York Jets was a blowout that took no one by surprise. With starting QB Sam Darnold out with mononucleosis, the passing game was essentially non-existent. Just 98 total passing...
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Matt Patricia keeps it simple “ I think every year you try to grow, you try to learn as a coach and I think you do that every day, every week.“

Q: It has been reported that a few teams have submitted requests to interview you this week. What are your expectations for this week and are you planning to interview with any of these teams? MP: Yeah, I mean I have no idea about any of that. None of that is even really applicable for me...
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Devin McCourty credits the defenses execution for shutting down the JETS

What was better about what the defense was able to do today on third down against the Jets? DM: Mainly execution. We had talked about it during the week. A lot of our third down comes down to individual matchup - just someone winning it whether it's in the pass rush, whether it's in coverage. [We're]...
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Bill Belichick press conference following win over JETS

Well, first of all, I congratulated the team after the game on today and, really, on the 13-3 season. I thought those guys have worked really hard all year. They met a lot of different challenges throughout the course of the season. I thought they really did a good job of stepping up every day, every...
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