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For Sox GM Cherington, the time is now to both buy and sell

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent I can’t seem to face up to the facts.  I’m tense and nervous and I can’t relax.  I can’t sleep ‘cause my beds on fire.  Don’t touch me I'm a real live wire.                                                             - Talking Heads, Psycho Killer th (1)While it is doubtful things have gotten so bad with the Red Sox offense so...
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Sox have been battered, bruised and just plain bad to start the season

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent download (20)Where have you gone league leading offense, Red Sox Nation turns its lonely eyes to you. After leading the league by a large margin in runs scored with 853 last year, the slumping Sox through 14 games this year are ranked 24th in all of baseball with 47.  Since Joltin’ Jacoby Ellsbury has...
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David the diva isn’t happy again

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent download (18)Is there anything that will ever make David Ortiz happy these days?  Coming off the most improbable run to a World Series title and entering the season with the team largely intact, Ortiz took's Rob Bradford into his confidence to express his displeasure with the moves – or lack there of...
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Jonny can’t spell Gomes without “me”

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent images (18)   It could be argued that a large part of the remarkable turnaround that occurred in the Red Sox clubhouse and ultimately led to a World Series Championship started in December of 2012, when the Sox signed Jonny Gomes to a two year deal.  Having made the playoffs with 3 different teams over...
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