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Ryan Fitzgerald ” they (Patriots) always do a great job of taking away your best player

nfllogo3Q: Ryan, on the second-to-last play going across the middle, why did you guys decide to do that instead of trying to go deep? RF: Well, they were going to cover the sidelines and we felt like with 15 seconds, we were still able to complete one and get up around 15 to 20 yards and have...
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Jets coach Todd Bowles has few answers after loss to Patriots

JETS HEAD COACH, TODD BOWLES nfllogo3Q: What do you take away from today's game? TB: Nothing. We lost. It was our fault. We fought until the end and it wasn't good enough. They played better situational football than we did. We will watch the film, correct the mistakes and move on. Q: On the last play did it look...
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Rob Ninkovich press conference: Jets

ROB NINKOVICH, DEFENSIVE END Ninkovich 1Q: Did you come in with the intention of trying to slow Chris Ivory down? How do you think you did? RN: The guy was doing great this year, and he was leading the league in rushing. We knew coming in that he was a very good running back, and they were playing...
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