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Green Day Tribute Band Just Paranoid Brings their Iconic Punk Covers to Newport Blues Cafe

Few people or musical acts these days can hold a candle to the energy of the world-renowned band fronted by the legendary Billie Joe Armstrong, but Just Paranoid seeks to do just that. Consisting of vocalist / guitarist Dave Knight, vocalist / drummer Brian Sowdan, and bassist Audra, these talented musicians consistently bring the angst and the grit needed to properly sell these...

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Brady’s philosophy …”you’ve got to attack different parts of the field at different times.”

Tom Brady meets with the media Q: How effective are those shallow crosses in handling pressure defense? Why is it that such a big part of this offense? TB: We made a few plays the other night. It helps having fast receivers, guys who can get across the field and try to run away from the coverage. A lot of teams use it. I always say you've...
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Gronk on dealing with all the injuries..Players have got to step in, other players have to take on bigger roles”

[caption id="attachment_26100" align="alignright" width="300"]Gronk says he's up for a challenge this weekend Gronk says he's up for a challenge this weekend[/caption] Q: How much of a challenge is it this week with the holiday on top of it being a short week? RG: Yeah, definitely another challenge brought upon us for this week. It's a little bit shorter of...
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Kip Moore shines at House of Blues

By Gabby Damico BSD Music Correspondent house of bluesOnce again the Boston music scene has outdone itself. On a Friday night before Halloween, one would expect a crazy night out, and that’s exactly what I got. Kip Moore put on an incredible performance and the crowd was going wild. I was waiting in anticipation outside the venue, surrounded...
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