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Devin McCourty ” now it’s all about executing

[caption id="attachment_16372" align="alignleft" width="300"]Patriots vs Chiefs Patriots advance to AFC title game[/caption]

What does going back to the AFC Championship for the fifth straight time say about your team? DM: It's why we play. It's not guaranteed. We come in every year, same goals. We work our butts off to try to get into...

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Colin Miller post game interview

BOSTON BRUINS DEFENSEMAN COLIN MILLER Boston-Bruins-LogoOn where the read would have been… Well, thank you, but I think yeah once you kind of beat that first guy get to the red line and just get it deep…I think I was trying to do too much there and that usually gets me into trouble. So if I just keep...
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A disappointed Claude Julien meets with the media

COACH CLAUDE JULIEN POSTGAME PRESS CONFERENCE Claude Detroit Game 1On what changed after the first six minutes… Well, it’s the same old I guess. We’re off to good starts again and then you get a 2-0 lead and instead of continuing to play your game, you started seeing some long passes that ended up in icings, you saw...
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Ryan Fitzgerald ” they (Patriots) always do a great job of taking away your best player

nfllogo3Q: Ryan, on the second-to-last play going across the middle, why did you guys decide to do that instead of trying to go deep? RF: Well, they were going to cover the sidelines and we felt like with 15 seconds, we were still able to complete one and get up around 15 to 20 yards and have...
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