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Never Coming Home Tackles Mental Health Struggles With Their New Single Halloween

Blink-182 may have said we could have Halloween on Christmas, but local band Never Coming Home decreed it could also be on Thanksgiving - who knew?

With their sophomore release on Thanksgiving Day, this band of talented high school kids are quickly carving out their own slice of pop punk culture through their expertly-layered artistry and musicality. Largely...

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Kip Moore shines at House of Blues

By Gabby Damico BSD Music Correspondent house of bluesOnce again the Boston music scene has outdone itself. On a Friday night before Halloween, one would expect a crazy night out, and that’s exactly what I got. Kip Moore put on an incredible performance and the crowd was going wild. I was waiting in anticipation outside the venue, surrounded...
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Is he Lucic the legend or Milan the myth?

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Bruins Correspondent download (19)When he literally burst on to the Bruins scene as a rookie in 2007, Milan Lucic seemed to be a gift from the hockey gods and a blessing for B’s fans who had not seen a rugged, knock the opponent through the boards type power forward like him since now team...
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Q: Has throwing at Darrelle Revis during practice been the challenge you expected? TB: He’s a great player, and I’m glad he’s on our team. You’ve got to make a great throw, you’ve gimageot to run a great route, [and] you’ve got to have the right scheme called at the right time because he always challenges you....
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