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On matching up against Bill Belichick... "You like to be, as a competitor, you like facing the best, and that's what he is. Obviously, I like doing that just as any competitor would. So it's not different. Obviously, I wish I had more success against him, but they do a tremendous job in all phases of the game. I say they are a really well coached...
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Q: What are your thoughts on the competition the last six years against Rex Ryan and his teams? BB: We have a lot of respect for the Jets. They're a good football team. We had a real competitive game with them earlier in the year. I'm not really that concerned about what happened five, 10, 15 years ago. [I'm] more concerned about this matchup this week....
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Pathetic Pats win keeps them on the road to nowhere

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent 710x380-20141016-vereen-td-catchA win is a win, right? Ok, if you say so. Oh brother, was this just a 2 point conversion away from being fugly. On a night that was forecast to be downright miserable, the Patriots kept to the script and decided to play along with the meteorologists’ predictions, they played like their heads were...
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