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Claude Julien pre-game press conference :CBJ

CLAUDE JULIEN PREGAME PRESS CONFERENCE [caption id="attachment_17572" align="alignright" width="300"]B's take on the CBJ and Gregory Campbell tonight B's take on the CBJ and Gregory Campbell tonight[/caption] On their recent trouble drawing power plays… Well we always ask that question, you know? “What more can we do to draw penalties?” And we could start embellishing, you know, that might...
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Chara doubtful for tonight

By Kevin Harriman BSD Publisher Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien announced this morning that defenseman Zdeno Chara is at best "doubtful" for tonight's game against Montreal. “Every area of the injury is improving,” said Chara. “Hopefully it’s not long before I’m free of any kind of discomfort. That’s what we’re doing right now…we’re being patient. For sure you don’t want to come back, and be half of what...
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You don't need to be a hockey genious to know that Bruins coach Claude Ju!ien played a rather large part in the Bruins demise Wednesday night in Washington. Dont get me wrong. Julien wasn't the only reason for the shut out last night, but his moves have left fans scratching their heads. Iclaudejulien1 wrote last week that Claude...
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HEAD COACH CLAUDE JULIEN POSTGAME PRESS CONFERENCE On how important it was for Brad Marchand to step up and make plays… Yeah, you know, you play a pretty good game against a team that’s playing well and that’s desperate obviously. And when that go ahead goal goes in you hate to see it end that way by having a goal trickle through your goaltender as a winning...
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