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Gostkowski press conference

Q: You're wearing the Zdeno Chara jersey today. GoskowskiSG: Well, we lift the same weight and we're the same size, so I figured it would work out pretty well. Q: How much more difficult can it be to kick at this time of year in the cold? SG: Yeah, I think the hardest thing about playing in...
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Bill Belichick…”guys made the plays that they need to make.”

BILL BELICHICK HEAD COACH patriots logo 3OPENING STATEMENT: That was quite a game. There were so many elements to it, back and forth, offense, defense, special teams, turnovers, big plays, penalties. There were a lot of things. In the end, guys made the plays that they need to make. We had a big stop down there on...
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Brady tosses TD’s 400 and 401 in romp over Jags

Brady-BillTOM BRADY, QUARTERBACK Q: How does it feel to be a member of the 400 club? TB: It was a good day, so it's fun to be out there. I think everyone enjoyed it. It was a good performance by our offense, a good team win. It was a good week of practice. A lot of guys made...
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JOSH McDANIELS ON THE SEATTLE DEFENSE..”This is as good of a group as we’ve played all year in a lot of areas.”

OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR JOSH MCDANIELS (on quarterback Tom Brady's relationship with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo) "Big brother. Jimmy came in and really didn't have-like most rookies-no background and understanding of how the NFL works. Here's a guy (Brady) that is when you look at it, he's competing with him. Tom and Jimmy are competing together for the same role on our team. Jimmy's had a great attitude and tried...
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