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Duran Harmon on his concentration level..”I’m trying to make it three so I’ve got to put a lot of work in these next two weeks..”

Q: Did you ever dream of playing in the Super Bowl as kid? DH: Yeah, I mean that's what you dream about, getting to the NFL. It's not just getting to the NFL, it's playing in those big games, the huge games and the ultimate game which is the Super Bowl. You dream about making big plays...
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Duran Harmon ” Its not about being the best, its about getting better”

Q: What was it like last night after the game when you didn't have to jump on a plane to travel back home like you normally would? DH: Well, it was a good time. We bussed to Colorado Springs, of course. Everybody was excited about the win, having a good time on the bus. We got here...
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