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Patriots stink out Gillette, lose to Eagles

PATRIOTS TEAM NOTES patriots logoSUCCESSFUL ONSIDE KICK The Patriots executed a successful onside kick in the fourth quarter after scoring to cut the Eagles’ lead to 35-21, setting up a scoring drive that ended in a 1-yard touchdown run by Tom Brady to cut the Philadelphia lead to 35-28 with 3:00 left. Rashad Melvin pounced on the loose...
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Q: Can you comment on the season in general and the offense clicking so far? PT: Oh yeah, we’re doing a good job out here clicking on all cylinders. We want to get better at this run game, but hey it takes time. Q: Do you feel like this could be the week to improve the run game without Vince Wilfork...
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BB: This is an impressive Atlanta team that we’ve been looking at the last couple days. They’re very explosive offensively, as we know – great group of receivers, tight ends, quarterback, running backs. They have a pretty solid offensive line. Defensively, very disruptive front. They have a good mix of experienced players in the secondary, linebacker and also have some young guys in there. [Desmond]...
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Q: Bill Belichick recently talked about tempo and how it is something that is dictated by what you see in a defense. What do you see from the defense that leads you guys to believe that using an up-tempo offense can be successful? Is it that they have a bigger defensive front, limited depth or...
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