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All-Dynasty roster reveal smells like a smoke screen for the now pedestrian Pats

By Kevin Flanagan

It was a move that sports fans across New England have come to expect from the narcissistic/paranoid Red Sox ownership, and their team-owned version of Pravda, formerly known as the Boston Globe, would produce to create franchise friendly PR.

The Patriots announced the "roster" of their all-dynasty squad Thursday, at a time that...

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Duran Harmon ” Its not about being the best, its about getting better”

Q: What was it like last night after the game when you didn't have to jump on a plane to travel back home like you normally would? DH: Well, it was a good time. We bussed to Colorado Springs, of course. Everybody was excited about the win, having a good time on the bus. We got here...
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Rex Burkhead conference call – Patriots beat Broncos

Q: What was it like after the game going to the hotel rather than getting on a plane and flying home? How does it feel this morning in comparison to a normal road trip? RB: Definitely different not flying back after the game, just getting to the hotel right after the game last night. It was beneficial for...
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