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Josh McDaniels meets with the media

OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR JOSH MCDANIELS CONFERENCE CALL Q: What have you liked about Keshawn Martin's play? JM: Keshawn's really taken advantage of his opportunities. He works extremely hard, he prepares to know his part in the game plan very well and practices well. I think that he has demonstrated the ability to do the two things that we really tell our receivers they have to do, which is...
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Belichick conference call: Miami Dolphins up next

HEAD COACH BILL BELICHICK CONFERENCE CALL Q: How much of a link do you see between Malcolm Butler and Brent Grimes in terms of their background and style of play? New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Press ConferenceBB: Similar backgrounds, coming out of college. I mean I would say the one big difference was Grimes,...
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Pats planning for life without Brady? They should be

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent images (4)The fact that the Patriots hosted two quarterbacks in Foxboro today prior to the NFL draft in May has sent the talking heads into a frenzy and has led to wild speculation in the Twittersphere as to just what they are up to. Is it likely that the Pats will select (or even...
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