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From dynasty to dumpster fire – are the Patriots finally plummeting into the abyss?

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Early Wednesday morning ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter reported that Tom Brady has yet to confirm that he will play for the New England Patriots in the upcoming 2018 season.  This news comes just three months after the Pats were plastered in the Super Bowl by the Philadelphia Eagles and their backup quarterback Nick Foles, who lit up the...
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Danny Amendola recalls where he was when the last time Patriots played the Eagles in the SB

WIDE RECEIVER DANNY AMENDOLA (On the Philadelphia Eagles) "They're a good football team. They fly around, well coached, great athletes and good organization." (On whether he remembers watching Super Bowl XXXIX) "I do remember that. I was in college. I was a freshman in college. I think I was at my boy Phillip's house watching Deion Branch...
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Bill Belichick media press conference

Q: In the last five games you've been penalized a total of 13 times. In the two previous games before that there were nine penalties in each game. Is that a reflection of the players taking the coaching better and using improved techniques so they don't get in positions where they commit penalties? BB: Well, hopefully...
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