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Their potent offense might power them through the regular season, but will the bullpen be the black hole that sinks them come the playoffs?

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Look, it is hard to hit the panic button on a team that has already won 88 games on August 21st, but to say that there weren’t some sweaty palms among Red Sox fans after their hometown team dropped their second straight game against the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday night by the score of 6-3, would be the baseball equivalent...
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Porcello will have to pitch like Pretty Ricky again for the Red Sox to have a prayer in the post season

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer As those who follow the Red Sox well know; Rick Porcello hasn’t defended his first career American League Cy Young award with much distinction so far this season. Instead of being the guy who pounded the baseball down in the strike zone – and therefore, won 22 games, while pitching a career-high 223 innings and posting a personal...
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It is how Chris Sale performs against Cleveland in the playoffs that matters most

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer As the great Pedro Martinez would likely say, maybe Chris Sale should just tip his hat and call the Indians his daddies. Or maybe not. Thursday night in Cleveland, Sale once again had his said hat handed to him by the Tribe, lasting just three innings and surrendering seven runs, on seven hits and three uncharacteristic walks in the 13-6...
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Francona and Farrell are at opposite ends of the spectrum as managers

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer If I were John Farrell, I would make sure I went out and purchased a couple of quick picks for tonight’s massive lottery drawing, because I think, he might just be the luckiest man to ever manager a Major League Baseball game. Only one night after he cost his team a game with major playoff seeding ramifications, due to...
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