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Claude Julien pre game: Flames

BOSTON BRUINS HEAD COACH CLAUDE JULIEN PREGAME PRESS CONFERENCE : Calgary   [caption id="attachment_10819" align="alignleft" width="300"]Bruins vs Calgary Bruins vs Calgary[/caption] On what the message is that he takes from what Don Sweeney did at yesterday’s trade deadline… I think we’re always trying to get better here, and he’s added players to our team so that we can...
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You don't need to be a hockey genious to know that Bruins coach Claude Ju!ien played a rather large part in the Bruins demise Wednesday night in Washington. Dont get me wrong. Julien wasn't the only reason for the shut out last night, but his moves have left fans scratching their heads. Iclaudejulien1 wrote last week that Claude...
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If we start a revolution could we shakedown bossy,brassy Bettman to eliminate the all too controversial shoot-out? If he looks even remotelbruinslogo2y under David Andrews direction, the AHL, which has become the sole primary development league for all thirty NHL organizations implemented a testing format for the 2014-15 season called Rule 85 (overtime) which states that “sudden-death...
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