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Josh McDaniels on the Chiefs..”they’ve given up very few points and played their best football down the stretch, “

[caption id="attachment_9172" align="alignright" width="300"]JOSH MCDANIELS JOSH MCDANIELS[/caption] Q: Schematically, what stands out to you with the Chiefs defense? JM: There are a lot of things that stand out about them. They do pretty much everything well. They're very talented at all three levels of the defense. Obviously, they've given up very few points and played their best...
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What the Giants are saying about the Patriots

On playing the Patriots... nfllogo3"I think for our team playing against their team, a very, very good team, it's exciting. Let's face it, accomplished is the right word, but also remember, they are undefeated. In this day and age, being undefeated at this point of the season is quite an accomplishment in itself. We know the quality...
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10 questions with Gronk

patriots logoQ: Why are the Patriots always looking for perfection? RG: We just want to get better every single week. You never go out on the football field and have 100 percent perfection out there. You always make mistakes. You can always get better as a team, so every single week we just want to go out...
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BB: All right. How's it going here? Got the No-Doz going? [It's] not really too much different from kind of where we were scheduled to go [going] into the day. Took 64 with [Jordan] Richards; [he] has been a good player at Stanford. He kind of plays both strong safety and free safety. [He's] been a real productive guy for them. I think he's a...
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