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With Gronk back on his game, Brady is simply the best

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent imagesWith ESPN declaring Tom Brady as the NFL’s first half MVP – thus making an already silly award even sillier – earlier this week, one question should stand above all others in regards to the quintessential QB’s bounce back performance last month after a slow start to the season. Is it any surprise...
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Brady, Gronkowski lead Pats beat down of the Bears

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent Timothy Wright, Jonas GrayThat wasn’t so hard now, was it? Entering what many said was the meat of their schedule, the Patriots played as if they were famished against the Chicago Bears in Foxboro today. After losing their best two defensive players to injury the last two weeks, and watching what everyone thought was their...
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Lady luck and lack of depth put Pats in a bad spot

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent download (41)In sports at times it is often said that it’s better to be lucky than to be good.  Since lady luck seems to have turned a blind eye to the Patriots and the injury bug has bit for the second year in a row on the defensive side of the ball, it...
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Mea Culpa, Patriots Nation

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent images (20)Patriots Nation, I apologize.  I was wrong, dead wrong. Given the first opportunity this year to settle in and watch the early set of games without the home team in the fight for this season, I have got to say that I have come to the quick conclusion that no one in this...
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