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Is it time to give Don Sweeney his due?

By Kevin Flanagan  BSD Bruins Senior Staff Writer  It might just be time for Bruins’ fans to give the devil his due. Wednesday marked the year anniversary of the dismissal of then head coach Claude Julien by B’s general manager Don Sweeney. Instead of meeting with reporters regarding the move at the time, the team’s reclusive president Cam Neely released a statement saying, “These decisions are not easy,...
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Starting the season, it is clear to see that the Bruins brass think the kids are alright

By Kevin Flanagan  BSD Bruins Senior Staff Writer  If the projected pairings are correct for the Bruins; they will take the ice tomorrow with five of their 18 skaters age 21 or younger. When you raise the age limit to 25, that number goes up to eight. Talk about the baby B’s. General manager Don Sweeney is apparently fully committed to the youth movement – which makes the...
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When it comes to paying Pastrnak, the Bruins should stand their ground

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Bruins Senior Staff Writer Talk about getting ahead of yourself. Apparently, David Pastrnak and his agent J.P. Barry, think that just because the 21-year-old was able to put up numbers for only one season, he should be at the top of the Bruins pay scale for at least the next eight. What a joke. When asked about where the negotiations stood at the...
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