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Brady meets with the media: AFC Title Game

QUARTERBACK TOM BRADY d345b4fc62ac1cd9f359e3cc69b6d676-e1414786384133-1940x1091Q: What's the thing you most respect about Peyton Manning and his game? TB: There are a lot of things. I think just his consistency, the durability, his ability to always seem to come through. He's just been an incredible player, and incredible leader for his team. There have been so many games...
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Devin McCourty ” anytime you get an extra week, an extra couple days, I think it’s huge”

patriots logoQ: How much did this bye week help you guys out? DM: I think it was big. It’s what you try to succeed in the regular season for. I think every team, obviously you want to make the playoffs first and win your division, but being able to be a top two seed and...
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