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Bill Belichick…”Really, I’m on to Buffalo”…..Thats Bill being Bill

BB: Alright, so, just digging in here on Buffalo. I think that Coach [Sean] McDermott has done a real good job with this team. They're playing extremely well, got a really good team, a lot of veteran players that play very good fundamentally. They're very sound. They do a lot of things well. They run the...
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Tom Brady press conference following win over Bills

TOM BRADY, QUARTERBACK tom-brady-fist-pumpQ: Let's start with Rob Gronkowski. Throwing his 69th touchdown, which breaks the franchise record. One, your thoughts on the play and two your thoughts on him as the player who accomplished it? A: Yes, it's a great accomplishment. He is a dynamic player for us. He makes great plays in the pass game, down...
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Gronk press conference – Bills

ROB GRONKOWSKI, TIGHT END Q: What led to not being able to convert on a lot of the second-and-long and third-and-long plays? RG: Yeah, every time you start a new drive, you want to gain positive yards, you want to go forward; you don't want to go backwards. You don't want to be second-and-15, you want to be second-and-five, second-and-four and stuff like that. It's tough. It...
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